Nineteen: Valens

st valentine.jpg

When I love and love deeply, am I holding tight, clenching? Or are my arms embracing the wind in celebration, confetti and streamers in my hair? When I love, am I in the present moment with myself and the person before me? Can I honor and prioritize growth, first and foremost? Can I be open to Love shifting shape, and embrace its natural unfolding, regardless of its outcome against the standard growth curve?

Setting my daughter free to discover her path, the expression of her unique life, separate from mine. Being present to love in the presence of, and with a lover or partner- feeling whole in celebrating our journeys whether solo or together, and being unattached to its shape or how it may unfold. Setting my parents free from my need to be accepted by them. Setting my dreams free from the need to follow a certain trajectory or forms of success.

Saint Valentine, I celebrate his name, a name that invokes valens: of being worthy, powerful.  Of Courage. Love doesn't just happen, it takes the courage and commitment to become, and to be present.

Love without the need to possess- is not to be confused with what is non-committal. That letting go is actually starting to feel like, being all in. Time to walk along the ledge to know what depth lies just underneath.