Eighteen: Bodywork


The Homeopathy. Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture. Osteopathy. Dance meditation. Nutrition. The coaching process. For a while I’d wondered why I couldn’t focus on one thing. I couldn’t stick with just one. I gave myself a hard time until I realised that my love and fascination was not in becoming a master in honing a single practice- but in the body as a vast reserve of wisdom, something we can listen to, and its innate ability to heal.

I’m in the process of building a holistic wellness center, and here’s what I keep coming back to- caring for ourselves allows us to learn and grow- and to care for others, as well as the world that we live in. There are different paths through wellness- and in our case, we offer wellness through choice- through bodywork, through learning in community, and through conscious consumption.

We quietly launched our bodywork practice in Meguro last year by welcoming Yusuke Sakata, director of the OQ Clinic in Kyoto and Member of Institute of Classical Osteopathy (M.I.C.O) for booking of private sessions.

I’ll write more on my experience with Sakata san, but the short version? Lower back pain was the best thing that happened to me. It got me in to see Sakata san. My back is better now, and since then, our work together has changed. We’ve gone from treating an acute ailment to an alignment practice. It’s as if the physically alignment work is connected to the ongoing work of aligning my external world to my internal one. Yes the alignment is skeleto-muscular and about supporting organs and things, but there’s another layer- it’s like tuning my instrument- my body. The tuning gives me clarity.

Bones are alive and have wisdom. #listenwithyourwholebody #classicalosteopathy