introducing seeCHANGE

launching October 2018 in Los Angeles

Candid conversations from around the world- on making major shifts. 

Seeing the invisible steps toward seismic change.

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What does it take to make “It” happen?

What does “It” even mean for you?

How do you take the leap- overcome the fear?

seeCHANGE is a series of conversations in interview format with people from around the world. Our focus is to stop to see and share the steps we’ve taken to create change in our lives and in turn, in our communities.

Many of us have interesting and compelling stories- some inspiring, fascinating, others courageous. In our storytelling, I’ve found the steps crucial to creating change often remain untold and invisible- especially in the quick versions of our stories of transformation.

Sharing invisible steps brings me back to the idea that “Seeing is believing”, and that “if we can dream it, we can become it - if we can see it, we can create it.” Turning the invisible parts of our powerful stories visible makes change accessible to more of us. We can all create change for ourselves. In creating needed change for ourselves, we become more whole. By inviting wholeness, we create positive change in our immediate environment and potential for change in all the places we touch.

I’m very excited to launch our first conversation in Los Angeles next month. Read here for more on the first installment, with fellow coach/consultant Alex Cooley- on my own relationship between creativity, the design process, and the changes in my life that felt prohibitive at the time- and how becoming open to it catapulted me into new directions- the directions that feel right.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey!



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